125% Ticket Guarantee From Front Row King

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Front Row King Guarantee

125% Ticket Guarantee

Front Row King Guarantee

Frontrowking.com Offers a 125% Worry-Free Ticket Guarantee. We offer our guarantee to protect YOU!

We offer a 125% Money Back Guarantee if:

  • Your order is accepted by, but not delivered by the seller
  • Your order is accepted by, but shipped too late by the seller for the tickets to arrive in time for the event
  • You were denied entry because of the tickets or invalid tickets were provided by the seller.*

We also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your event is cancelled entirely with no rescheduled date.**

*Verifiable proof must be provided by the venue in written letter format.  Written or stamped “voids” do not constitute verifiable proof.

**100% refund for a cancelled event excludes shipping


We Make Sure You are Secure

Front Row King has a rating system that scores our ticket sellers on our ticket exchange and their score is based on reliability, accuracy and efficiency. This is to ensure that our sellers are maintaining the highest level of customer service that Front Row King expects and ensures that only high scoring sellers are able to sell tickets on Front Row King. If we find that customers are having any difficulty receiving their order or there are consistent accuracy issues, the seller will be penalized and their ability to sell tickets may be revoked. Front Row King wants to make sure our customers are receiving the highest level of satisfaction and service. When you're paying a premium price, you should expect premium service. Your order is always protected and secured when you purchase from Front Row King.

Complete Guarantee Text

Front Row King guarantees that the following will be true for all tickets purchased online or by phone from FrontRowKing.com.

All tickets are legitimate tickets, valid for entry.
Any tickets for sale or sold on Front Row King are guaranteed to be authentic tickets valid for entry to the specified event. Customers should contact their ticket seller ASAP if there is any problem using their tickets at the venue. The contact information for the seller is at the bottom of the confirmation email and the receipt. Customers need to provide evidence of invalidity from the venue in cases where the ticketing issue is not resolved. Front Row King requires evidence in order to obtain your refund from the seller who supplied tickets for the order. The evidence could range from a letter from the venue or even a simple email identifiably from venue personnel verifying that there was a problem scanning the tickets.

All tickets we deliver will be the same, equal, or better than what was originally requested.
Front Row King expects the sellers on our ticket exchange to provide the seating they describe and advertise on FrontRowKing.com or else provide equal or superior seating for the customer. Sellers are expected to contact customers proactively to confirm any significant seating changes such as the initial section and row of a ticket order. Customers should contact Front Row King immediately if they are unhappy with any alternate tickets and we will investigate the issue on your behalf in order to reach an amicable solution.

All tickets will be delivered before the event itself.
All deliveries are made to the address listed by the purchaser in the appropriate textboxes during checkout. We guarantee that the tickets will be shipped to the purchaser in sufficient time so that at least one delivery attempt is made before the event occurs. Please note that the purchaser is responsible for making himself or herself available to receive delivery of the tickets when a delivery attempt is made. In nearly all cases, a signature is required to accept delivery. Front Row King will coordinate with the seller for compensation in cases when the seller does not ship or do not otherwise deliver tickets in sufficient time for customer to access them for the event. Alternative delivery methods may be made if the event is too close for standard delivery. This may include local pick up, will call, box office or venue pick up.

If an event is permanently cancelled, a refund will be issued.
Front Row King will coordinate with the selling broker to provide the purchaser a full refund of the ticket order, excluding delivery fees. Please note that the ticket seller may require the purchaser to return the tickets prior to issuing a refund. If the event is postponed, no refund will be issued. The tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date.

About the Guarantee
If you feel that your tickets do not match our guarantee, you can call our customer support as soon as possible to begin a claim. 866-226-6811

Also see our Policies Page for more information and use the Contact Us page if you need to reach us!